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BE REAL BOXING is the personal training service of Kevin Klipfel. In addition to coaching, Kevin is an active amateur boxer, and spent years training and soaking in knowledge at the world famous Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, California. Kevin enjoys spending countless hours as a student of the game watching and analyzing fights, breaking down the chess-moves, techniques, and strategies used by legendary fighters past and present, and passing on this knowledge to interested clients.


Kevin is also a passionate student of philosophy. He holds both bachelors and master's degrees in the subject, and has read extensively in the Zen philosophies traditionally linked to martial arts training. As an experienced teacher and university educator, Kevin skillfully infuses Zen practices and meditation techniques into Be Real Boxing training. His workouts incorporate Zen elements of mindfulness through nonjudgmentally paying attention to our present experience during training, focusing on our breath, and practicing boxing-specific breathing techniques in all our workouts. Through these mindful practices, clients learn to be present and calm in the face of pressure.  This focus on mindful presence in our training helps us bring composure and self-possession to the many challenges and opportunities life throws our way.


Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Kevin currently lives in Santa Monica, California. He is passionate about working with clients of all ages and experience levels, and committed to providing a welcome, inclusive, and safe training experience  that promotes positive physical and mental health practices cultivating our most authentic selves. 

Contact Kevin for a 1-on-1 personal training session. 

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