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Our Philosophy

"In life, what can you ask for but to be real; to fulfill your potential instead of wasting energy on actualizing your dissipating image, which is not real, and expends your vital energy.


This is a very decisive point: Many people dedicate their lives to actualizing a concept of what they should be like, rather than actualizing themselves. The difference between self-actualization and self-image actualization is very important. Most people only live for their image."

Bruce Lee, Artist of Life


We believe it's possible for everyone to learn to box, not merely go through the motions of boxing. Boxing is one of the most beautiful types of human movement, and we work with all clients to move like a boxer and express themselves through boxing spontaneously, in the present moment, rather than enact choreographed punching routines with no real-world application.

 Perhaps the greatest cardio workout and functional fitness training on the planet, we get in shape through the movements of boxing, learn the confidence-building art of self-defense, and build positive physical and mental health for overall well-being while doing so. 

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Our workouts incorporate Zen elements of mindfulness by nonjudgmentally paying attention to our present experience during training, and focusing on our breath, and practicing  boxing-specific breathing techniques in all our workouts. Through these mindful practices, clients learn to be  present and calm in the face of pressure. We find that this continued focus on mindful presence in our training will transfer over to the rest of our lives, and help us bring composure and self-possession to the many challenges and opportunities life throws our way. 

Authentic Self-Expression

 Your authentic self is your best self. In our workouts you'll learn real boxing and to be real through boxing. Martial Arts has traditionally practiced the Taoist art of wu-wei: going with the flow and naturally expressing oneself without self-criticism or judgment in the present moment. When we let our minds be, we can just be, and express ourselves without our ego standing over us, as an external critic, judging everything we do. 

We bring this martial arts ethos of authentic self-expression to all our workouts. 


Limitless Being 

 We are the possibilities we can imagine for ourselves.

The great martial artist and philosopher Bruce Lee once wrote of "Using No way as way; of having no limitation as limitation."  For Lee,  "Being Limitless is the ability to make the decision to be and do anything that is centered in your heart and in harmony with you and the world. You do not have to ask for permission or get approval from any outside institution, person, or society." 

Boxing is the practice we choose to express the limitlessness of our experience as we create ourselves through our choices in the world. 


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