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Clients often have similar questions when first getting started training boxing; here's a few we hear quite frequently ... with answers.

What do I need to bring to my training session?

If it's your first time and you're just trying things out, we have a pair of sanitized boxing gloves and clean wraps that you can use. If you like boxing , we do recommend a pair of gloves and wraps of your own. We also have a jump rope for you to use, though eventually you'll want to pick up an inexpensive one of your own.  You're also welcome to bring your own yoga mat or ab mat, though we'll have one for you if you need it.  So that's it really: boxing gloves, a pair of wraps, your workout attire (wear what's comfortable; you're not here to impress anyone) and, if you want, a jump rope and a yoga mat. 

What gloves (and wraps) do you recommend?

Any, really.  As you get deeper and deeper into boxing, you'll probably get snobbier and snobbier about your gloves, but we recently bought a pair of Adidas gloves for under $40 dollars that we fell in love with and like to use just as much as a pair of $300 ones. At the lower end of the spectrum, these Adidas Gloves are pretty great but, really, any Everlast or Title or Ringside  or Venum glove will do. At the higher end, we love Cleto Reyes "hook and loop" or Safetec Lace-Up Gloves. And Winning continue to be the holy grail of luxury boxing gloves, though you'll have to wait a while and pay a pretty penny to pick up a pair. At the end of the day, the "best" boxing gloves for you are the ones you enjoy boxing in. 

Sizing: Boxing gloves don't really come in sizes like Small, Medium, or Large. They are sized in ounces: 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, and so-forth. Typically, 16oz gloves are standard for sparring and are thus probably the most commonly sold and acquired size. However, many people prefer smaller, "fight-size" gloves, such as 8 or 10oz for training sessions and hitting the mitts. If you're in doubt, you can really never go wrong with a pair of 16oz gloves though, really, any size 10oz and up will do for most purposes, even light sparring with a coach. 

In boxing, we always wear hand wraps underneath our gloves to provide extra protection for our knuckles and wrists. Again, just about any 180" wraps will do, though we're personally partial to these Title Boxing wraps because they don't bunch up into impossible knots as much as other wrap brands when take them out of the drier. They're also easier to wrap up and get to lay flat. But any wrap will do and they really should't be much more than $10.  We will always wrap your hands for you at the beginning of the session and are also happy to show you how we like to do it as well. 

I don't want to get hit or hit anyone else. Can I still box?

Yes, absolutely. We're learning to box to feel good and get in shape (whatever that means for you, exactly), not to beat you up or make you get into fights. However, all clients will learn the basics of  boxing-based self-defense. You just don't have to get hit to do so. 

That said, many clients do enjoy light sparring or just "body sparring" (live combat without hitting above the shoulders or below the waist) with the trainer. This is fun, a great workout, and allows you to experience what it's really like to put the movements of the sweet science of boxing into action. By doing so with an experienced coach, we can ensure a safe, pleasant, and confidence-building experience, where no one gets hurt, and everyone has fun while engaged in one of the best cardio workouts on the planet. 

What does a workout with you actually look like?

Though all workouts will be designed with clients' personal goals in mind, most workouts will look something like this. You'll (i) start off getting warmed up by doing one boxing round (or 3 timed minutes) of jumping rope. This is a great warm-up and also one of the most important exercises in boxing, as it increases your coordination, builds amazing cardio, and teaches you the super-important skill of staying ready on, by always being on your toes. Next, (ii) you'll shadow box for a round. We'll help you structure your shadow boxing, but you will also "freestyle' and practice throwing punches, moving your head defensively, and practice incorporating offensive and defensive footwork into your boxing flow. After that, (iii) comes the core boxing component of the session: several rounds of actual punching on the "mitts" with your coach. The mitts are the old school boxer's term for the punching pads that boxing coaches wear on their hands for their boxers to punch. This is where you'll not only push your cardio and get in real shape, but learn all the proper fundamentals. You'll practice the jab, the cross, hooks and uppercuts, and also learn how to block, slip, and roll punches. You'll also be coached in the fundamentals of footwork. In short, you'll learn how to punch, defend, and move, like a boxer. After mitt work, we'll (iv) do boxing drills, typically with light weights, that will further help you hone your craft. As always, these drills will help you learn proper boxing form while simultaneously engaged in a full-body workout that will make you wonder just how long three minutes really is! Lastly, (v) we'll finish up with functional fitness exercises focused around core work: typically a variation of squats, lunges, push-up variations, and ab and plank exercises. This will vary the most depending on your specific goals, but for most clients, ab and core work is our focus for building explosiveness in boxing and for overall health and fitness. 

How much does training cost?

Do you work with kids?

It depends. In general, our rates are competetive with other gyms in the Los Angeles area, while offering a greater degree of flexibility. We have standard single session rates and also offer packages where clients can purchase 5 or 10 sessions in advance. Packages are paid up-front, at the time of the first session. Clients who purchase packages will end up paying a lower rate per session than clients who purchase a single session every time they train. These different options give you unique flexibility. For some clients,  a session once or twice a month works great. Other clients may go through packages quickly, as they prefer to train with us multiple times per week.


Rates may very depending on your location. We are located on the West Side of Los Angeles, in Santa Monica and Venice Beach. We are happy and do travel to meet your needs. However, clients who live in the Santa Monica or Venice area, or clients who are able to meet at the beach, will pay less per-session than clients for whom a longer commute is required. 


Whatever your circumstance, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll discuss a training plan that suits your goals, schedule, and financial situation. 

Absolutely. We love to work with kids and see the empowering experience boxing training is for them. We have experience working with children of all ages, and will happy work with your children either 1-on-1 or in small groups organized by the parent. Just drop us a line and we'll discuss options that work best for your family. 

Do you teach group classes?

Yes and no. We do not teach large group classes. We believe strongly in a pedagogical philosophy that emphasizes the personalized nature of learning and do not find large group classes an effective way to teach boxing. However, we do enjoy working with small groups of friends who would like to train together. So, if you have a couple friends you think might be interested, just get in touch and we'll discuss training!

Do you teach online training sessions?

We're open to giving it a shot, especially if you're not based in LA.  For some clients, online training can be a wonderful alternative to meeting with a coach in person and it's almost always more effective than trying to learn to box by watching videos on the subject. Others may need more support, and finding an in-person trainer is better suited to their needs. If you think you may like to try an online session, just get in touch and we're happy to discuss!

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