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Exclusive Services

BE REAL BOXING offers a client-centered training experience driven by a core value of personalized learning.  

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Individually Tailored Workouts

Your workouts are about you: your fitness and health goals and the exercises that will help you achieve them. We will work with you where you're at to help you level up your boxing at each stage. Unlike a group boxing-for-fitness class, where students are assigned a pre-prescribed, choreographed routine to follow, you will work 1-on-1 with an experienced coach who can provide real-time, individualized, and actionable feedback in all areas of your development, from proper punching technique and defense, to footwork and breathing. Because of this, your boxing skills and overall functional fitness will improve at an exponentially faster rate compared to group fitness classes or simply hitting a heavy bag on your own. You will actually learn to box, rather than learn to go through the motions of boxing. 


Training At Your Convenience

Our unique service structure allows you to train at your convenience - not some gym's. With us, your training takes place at both the time and location of your convenience. In consultation with the trainer, you have the luxury of conducting sessions around your schedule, in a location that works for you. We will travel to work with you at your own home, or work with you in the beautiful outdoors of Los Angeles, either in a public park or (our favorite) right on the beach! We find this a beautiful alternative to a cookie-cutter boxing-for-fitness gym or an old school boxing club and its attendant smells and characters. 


Personalized Learning

Learning is personal and working out can be vulnerable.  We aren't motivated to learn in environments where we feel judged or excluded; where we feel like we can't ask questions; or when we feel like an imposter who "should" know more than they do. No matter your previous experience or current level of fitness, all are welcome. Just to be yourself is enough. We truly enjoy working with you as you learn the beautiful movements of the Sweet Science, and we approach each session with empathy for the learner experience and a Beginner's Mind about training. We know that though we may have wrapped our hands a million times for training, you may never have done it before, and we will teach you everything you need to know, without judgment, like it's the first time we've ever taught it. Whether you're brand new to working out, have never put on a pair of boxing gloves, or you're already an experienced athlete, we'll bring our full presence to the session just the same.  Many trainers know a lot about the body; we also have a deep understanding of how to teach. We have taught and trained individuals from all walks of life, and are LBGQ+, trans, and women-friendly. 


No Memberships - Just Flexible Options

One major benefit of our exclusive client experience is that we are not interested in trying to lock you in to a long-term membership contract that you have to pay automatically without the freedom to choose. 

We offer single session rates or packages for 5 or 10 sessions. We recommend scheduling a session or two and if you fall in love with boxing (as many people do), you can think about signing up for a package of sessions. But that's totally up to you. We want you to love boxing and to love yourself; not feel pressured into signing up for workouts. 

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If you'd like to discuss a training session, please drop us a line at or submit your info on our contact page. 

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